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Connection is key. Frankly, the Shreveport/Bossier area can be a tough place for young adults to find their place. We are working to see that fact change. We have multiple Connect Groups for young adults that meet every Sunday morning at 9:15am. Whether you attend one of the many college campuses near First Bossier, are a young professional in the workplace, or are married with kids, we have a place for you to connect with others in authentic community! 



These groups meet every Sunday at 9:30AM


18-23 yr olds
the gathering place 

The GAP: Graduates & Professionals

22 - 27 yr olds
room: The Gathering Place

Merge: Nearly & Newlywed 

Engaged - married 5 yrs

Single Young Adults

26-35 yr olds
room 106

Young Married Class

20-30 yr olds
room 404

Young Married Class

30-40 yr olds
room 400

CC Groups


What are CC Groups?

CC Groups, which stands for "Coffee & Community Groups," are intentional discipleship and accountability groups. They create natural environments where real life issues and struggles can be met with the truth and hope of Jesus through the unity of believers. These are gender-specific groups of no more than 4 people. Your group will meet weekly over coffee, lunch, breakfast, Skype, or whatever else may work for your group.

These groups have just enough structure to keep you moving but are intentionally relaxed enough where they enable natural conversation and interaction. There are three main discussion starters for the group each week:

1. What is God up to right now in your life?

2. What have you been studying? How is God speaking to you?

3. How are you doing? How can we pray for one another?

Your group may decide to walk through Scripture together. In which case, you can choose your own Bible reading plan or we have created over two years of material that you can choose from! We have created both a "DEEP" material option where you take an in-depth look at Scripture and a "WIDE" option where you will walk a little quicker through the text. 

How do I join a CC Group?

First, decide who the four people in your group will be and a day and time of the week that you can all consistently meet. For example, some groups may meet at a coffee shop on Tuesday mornings, others for lunch on Thursdays, or others may meet at Sonic on Saturday afternoons. It's up to you; find a time and place that works for your group! However, in order for these groups to work best, everyone in the group must commit to consistency and meet with the group each week.

Next, one person from the group will register the group so we have a record of your group which will enable us to provide assistance and resources for your group. The "Point Person" holds no leadership role other than to make sure everyone knows where and when to meet each week. Everyone in the group has equal voice and is needed in order for the group to be strong. 

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